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The Huge List of Things I Love

This blog was born out of the endless need to know thyself. I stumbled upon an awesome blog and saw a list and thought it was a good idea. Here’s my own list.

1. Coffee in the afternoon, with friends or with a good movie or book. But just like the greatest loves in history and literature my love for coffee is forbidden.

2. Walking. Preferably in the rain, without raincoats or umbrella.

3. Tea when I’m depressed. Coffee is my love, tea is my bitch. Coffee makes me overflow with ideas, tea empties the stressful residue of those ideas.

4. Listening to Radiohead with the lights out. Try to play Kid A and close your eyes, notice how you can still see the lights.

5. Spontaneously sleeping on the couch, sometimes I wake up to my phone full of photos of me sleeping. I have good room mates.

6. Romantic Comedies. This is probably the girliest thing about me. I giggle and grin at the silliest romantic comedies. I love romance centered films and TV shows; Dawson’s Creek, Annie Hall, Before Sunrise etc.

7. Riding in buses with open windows. Don’t you just love the wind on your face? 

8. Spontaneous conversations. I was buying comics at a Book Sale and a guy behind me asked about the comics that I bought and so I went on and blabbered about Marvel’s “Runaways”.

9. Sunsets. Watching the buildings melt like the clock in a Salvador Dali painting is so relaxing. Watching it with friends and talking about life is even more relaxing.

10. The Beatles. All you need is love and a Beatles song. 

11. Saturday morning on the beach. I love swimming because it allows me to completely shut the world up. Although I have forgotten how it feels like I love Saturday mornings and how it give you a chance not to think about deadlines and being late. 

12. Twitter. This might sound a little sad but Twitter is my best friend that listens and never talks back. 

13. Attending gigs. Good music, good fun and occasionally cute guys.

14. My niece’s laugh. She’s one year old and when she laughs everything in this world seems fun.

15. Singing in the restroom. One indication that I am in a good mood is if you catch me singing inside the rest room. Damn, I sound like Fiona Apple when I’m in there. 

16. Travelling. This is the love that I have to work on to get. I dream to go to South Africa, Vietnam, Spain, US and Paris. 

17. Elijah Wood. I get obsessed with a lot of celebrities but Elijah Wood stands out as the guy who I want to be BFF’s with. Bum on the couch and watch movies, play games, listen to mixtapes. He seems like that kind of guy.

18. Saying “good morning” out loud. 

19. Showers. Showers are holy. It’s like “yes, I’m sad and all but after this I’m going to smell fresh”.

20. Jackets. Jackets are hug replacements.

After “Before Midnight”


How can you profoundly relate to something you have never experienced before? The answer is good writing and acting. Personally, Before Midnight brought me a glimpse of a chapter I have not read, yet it becomes oddly familiar as it unfolds.

Let’s just board the time machine first and travel back to the before-est of these befores. It was 1994 when Celine and Jesse first met on a train to Vienna. They were young and youthful. You know how the story went, they fell in love and we fell in love with their story. There was something special between this adventurous French girl and this idealistic American boy which was universal and we all felt it or wanted to feel it towards somebody. For some, we shared that connection with the movie.

However, no matter how special one thing could be, fate has a way of making it even more special. Nine years after they first met, Celine and Jesse met again at Shakespeare and Co. in Paris. He was signing books he wrote about her. She was just walking in to see him again. He had a flight scheduled to leave before sunset but they walked on the lovely streets, stopped at a café, argued intellectually and romantically, there were confrontations and you know how it ended. It was probably the most romantic a movie could ever end. She said, “Baby, you’re gonna miss that plane.” He said, “I know”. And just like that, despite how winding the road is we believe in true love again.

But will that ideal love wear off as the complications of maturity piles up ahead of us? Now this is where I lost track of the whole love train. Before Midnight opens with Jesse dropping off his 14 year old son at a Greek airport and Celine is outside watching two little girls inside the car. They are now parents. He is a scruffy looking dad wearing a “Neptune Records” shirt as if hinting “Son, I am a cool dad”. She on the other hand, looks like a plain wife at first close up. Their looks alone suggest that a lot has changed since he missed that plane. But how about the feelings, do they remain the same?

The film goes on to depict a typical mature relationship- with arguments, compromises, sex and a lot of sex. Celine is caught in the middle of the responsibilities of being a mom and her creative desires, while Jesse is caught up in his own creative pursuit and guilt over his irresponsibility as a father to a son who can’t live with him. She complicates things. He simplifies it for her. Suddenly, the girl does not think they are on the same page anymore and the guy would reiterate that he is exactly the same guy she met on that train 18 years ago. He was driving her crazy, crazy enough to declare that she does not love him anymore. But he loves her, he loves her enough to put up with her craziness. They are exactly the same character, only in different circumstances.

Seeing how Jesse and Celine fell in love with each other made me want to ride that train across Europe and talk to a random guy and pretend I am eloquent. But seeing how they argue made me want to just take the shortcut to that mature relationship where you can confront the other person without affecting too much regret in the future, because a few hours after you’ll realize how much you have sacrificed to build that longstanding connection, so precious you can’t break it, which in a way is a perfect manifestation of how powerful that true love can be.

After the movie, I said “I have a beef with Richard Linklater, women are not as crazy as that.”I watched the film with two of my friends who are actually married to each other. My friend replied, “No. The movie is so right.” She is thirty something. Then I answered, “Yeah. Maybe, I’m just not there yet.”

She Blabbered On and On

The most uninteresting things in this world run like the longest hand of a clock.  You stare at them for an hour and they won’t go away. Sometimes you don’t stare at them, you feel them like a sharp knife with poisonous blade piercing through your existence and leaving a hole. The uninteresting things in this life steal your breath second by second.

She is alone.  She is always alone.

The people she sees they’re like the waves that kiss her feet only to leave seconds after. Why is life so full of goodbyes? If the world stays the same for every revolving of a clock, the world could have been a lot more easier to live in. No changes of hearts. The wind blows, we breathe. There will be no birth so that there will be no death, man only lives.

She wishes.  She is full of wishes.

She wishes she can paint how she feels about him like how Van Gogh painted the Paris skies. What she feels for him is beautiful and there is no great artist could ever express. Sometimes, she wants to kill herself for wanting him. No. She wants to kill that feeling. Shoot it with a bullet straight to its heart. That feeling is a viscous animal that needs to be silenced before it turns into a monster and eat her alive. To love is both a beauty and a curse.

She might be in love with him.

His comfort is the soft pillow she hugs at night. The four yellow corners of her room bear witness to the tears that were shed when the dreadful feeling was realized. He knocked on her door. She opened. But then he already left. Time screws everything up when it should have placed things in their right order.

She’s alone, wishing, loving and blabbering on and on.