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I Am Unfriending Facebook!

I am not sociable. I am not good with people. At least that’s what I always thought I am. I listen to a lot angry music and I heard Jim Morrison sung “People are strange when you are a stranger”. And so just like The Beatles I have learned to “let it be”. These in reality as I have experience is true. But, online, it is a whole different story. On Twitter, I could carry on a conversation even with a famous person. I am kinda good with people as long as there is a computer screen in front of me.

But today, I decided with ambivalence, to delete that link of communication. I deactivated my Facebook account.

You see, Facebook is the most evil of all evils of Social Network. It is a deceiving demon dressed in the faces of your so-called friends brainwashing you of the idea of being ‘liked’ by people.

Admit it, for the most part we are programmed to be motivated towards affirmation. The feeling of someone agreeing to you that they actually made an effort to click that like button somewhat awakens your pride. You feel accepted. You feel you belonged. You feel liked.

And then everything gets out of control. That feeling is consuming that you end up consuming your time unwisely in front of your computer opening up to people you probably just met at a party or bumped into a gig.

I have met a lot of interesting people because of Facebook. See the thing about Facebook is, you eventually gets obsessed with being that interesting person that attracts those ‘likes’. It’s the ultimate status of cool.

If one thing, Facebook has brought me depression. Sure, I feel cool for a moment but gets sad after realizing what I post is not remotely true. I have to tweak it a bit to sound more interesting. There are things that I like that I’m not allowed to like because I’m supposed to be that intellectual kid who dishes out witty hateful comments about My Chemical Romance. You can’t even watch Dear John and not get a wall post that says “Alice In Wonderland is showing next door and you were watching Dear John?” For the record Dear John is indeed a bad movie.

It created a culture of conformity to people’s perception. Sometimes, you get strayed too far you forget your own self. See, I wasnt a Neil Gaiman fan. I havent read his works but he was all over the place. All the cool literary nerds worships him. So I have to make my way and get hold of his writings. It turned out he really is a master storyteller. However the case with Haruki Murakami was different. After reading Norwegian Wood, I was all too The Great Gatsby romantic in a Holden Caulfield tone. All the Beatles kids seem to have love it. For most, it was all pretend. I realized. Maybe it is what the psychology people call, Pygmalion effect.

The two extremes of Facebook posts are ‘awesome’ and ‘loser’. You don’t want to be on the losing end but really life is just so much of a thief that it immediately robs you of awesomeness. People are just oftentimes more awesome than you. You know how there are only two people the world? If they are on the good side it only means that you are on the opposite. And they don’t only rob you, they also rub it in your face.

I don’t want these insignificant people defining my life because they are just lame I could not permit them to infect me with their mindless nonsense. Besides, I define ‘friends’ as the people who could sit and talk with me spontaneously without google having to interfere and direct our conversation.

It might be becoming a little vague now, but there is a line that divides what is virtual and what is real.