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Hidden Beach




But not for long.

An Excerpt

Yesterday was a journey. Today is a recollection. Thus, here’s a story of yesterday’s journey.

The summer sun, the longing for the beach, the ironic comfort of travelling to an unfamiliar place. Why do people love to travel? I personally want to cover memories with memories, pile them up so eventually I’d only remember the good ones. I ache for that breathtaking feeling when you first set your eyes to a beautiful place, its like first love. I need to see people smile and capture them with my mind so I could picture them out when all I can do is frown. There are a hundred reasons but I need to tell you about yesterday.

Dont you love that feeling when you take a long ride with the windows open and it seems that your soul is being blown by the wind? You just sit comfortably but you’re in fast motion. It’s like Clockstoppers but the other way around. Dont you want life to be like that?

Have you ever crossed the boundaries of your childhood fears? I crossed it with children themselves. Have you ever danced your heart out but you’re actually not dancing at all? You just sway your soul to the party music. I feared the crowd and its danger. I hated dances and its craze. But you’ll never know unless you experienced it. You’ll never love a U2 song unless you play it.

Oh by the way, what happened yesterday? We went to a barangay in Dumangas, a town in the Iloilo province, rode a jeepney, took photos, sat down by the river(and wept), ate our guts out, drank our livers out, mindfucked each others, joined the children dancing at the plaza, experienced full blast bario fiesta, got stuck at nine in the deep evening without transportation back to the city and managed to squeeze eleven people in a small van.

The road is supposed to send a message to the government who failed to acknowledge it.


Road trips give you a type of high that can only be described by this photo.

We are in the middle of nowhere, at least we still have a road that will lead us somewhere.

"Life is never wasted if you are wasted all the time." We always say that no matter how wrong it sounds.

When a child smiles, it is genuine. It makes growing up a sad truth.

We all are weeds by the river, trying to survive the unpredictable current.

Did you ever look at the ripples and thought of how magical they are?

Nirvana In A Cup

How do you describe a great coffee? Is it with the taste? Or is it with the effect? If you say both then you should drop by at Madge Cafe inside the busy wet market of Lapaz, Iloilo City. And it’s highly recommended that you visit at five thirty in the morning.

The coffee’s aroma smells like the strong scent of addiction and it is guaranteed to arouse your caffeine- craving- soul. They just brew it for you but you can choose whatever mix pleases you. Of course, you’re in a coffee shop for the coffee, not the creamer so for genuine caffeine pleasure, have it pure. The instant it touches the tip of your taste buds you’ll savor that sweet bitterness that flows all the way through your senses. It’s like nirvana in a cup.

The place is not like the fancy coffee shops that you might be used to. It smells simplicity in every corner, from the monobloc chairs and tables to the cups with their regulars name spelled on them. Interestingly, the place is where huge politicians hang out. Some city ordinance might be drafted over a smoking cup exactly on the place where you sit, which is amazing in a way. Pasted on the walls are the photos of people who went there, so might as well bring a polaroid, snap your photo and leave it to the very accommodating owner.

The little wonders of life can sometimes be found on a simple place on a small cup. Also remember to bring great people to share it with.