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Pure Aural Pleasure: Betan Upbeat 2011

How do you kill boredom on a Friday night?  Soak yourself in the blissfulness of live indie music along with fellow music whores and bottles of beer.  Mellow Mangrove and the slight wetness of the weather is the perfect setting for some mellow music.  Betan Upbeat is a celebration of UP Sigma Beta Sorority, indie music and laidbackness of Ilolio City weekend.  And by indie, they meant unsigned bands.  In an industry of mainstream obscurity indie bands currency is the realness of their music.  If you haven’t heard the opm indie music you haven’t heard opm’s true greatness yet.

TOI-ing around.

Rarely do artists succeed in taking its listeners to that state where it feels like it’s not your ears that is listening but your soul.  TOI is a soothing Fiona Apple meets Temper Trap kind of musical ecstasy.  Their cd Toi Kingdom is something that you could listen while travelling or just trying to get some sleep.  The music and the poetry calms your soul.  It’s sort of divine to have a break from heart wrenching love song singing girl fronted bands.  Tracks to check out are “Open Up”, ” Run Run” and “When You Miss Me”, also listen to their cover of Creep for the chills. The dou is composed of Pat Tirano on guitars and Pauline Diaz on vocals.

Follie A Dorques.

The Dorques will remind you of your high school garage band that plays fun songs but with a bonus sexy keytar player.   It’s a multilingual band that would take you away even though you don’t even have a clue of what they’re singing, they sung French and Japanese songs, at least that night that is.  They’re one of the bands that you’d rather watch live because of the contagious atmosphere that they create.


For the lack of fitting title.

The Camerawalls at first looks like a British rock n’ roll band out of the 70’s and sure they sound like one too.  Fronted by the great Clemen Castro, they sung The Smiths songs in between their original songs.   Their music is lyrically intriguing reminiscent of genuine rock n’ roll, beyond description.  “I Love You Natalie” is an easy favorite along with “The Emperor, The Concubine and The Commoner” they also gave melody to Jose Rizal’s “Canto de Maria Clara”.  Beautiful music and beautiful lyrics that is to sum what the band is.

It was by far the greatest night in indie music in Iloilo City and people who went there would surely agree.


Where’s Pat Tirano?: The Crazy Story of How We Stalked the Coolest Sound Engineer

Alright, maybe not stalked but followed. Taking into consideration how an overall awesome dude he is, he deserves to be followed, literally and figuratively.

This idea was plagiarized from that movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, if you’ve watched the movie you’ll know where the title is derived from. For those who didn’t watch the movie, its about two music heads who met and followed their favorite band, Where’s Fluffy?. But if you’ve read the book the story is slightly different.

So who is Pat Tirano? For starters, aside from being awesome he plays guitar for TOI and Archipelago (if you haven’t heard of them you generally suck). And most of all he’s an NU Rock award winning Sound Engineer. So it’s safe to say that this dude is pretty much the man behind some of most successful band performances. He might not be a huge rockstar, but he rocks big time.

The mission started when he posted this question on Facebook:

Coincidentally me and my friend agreed to go to Smallville, a tiny town where all hotels, bars and other non sensible hang outs are. Our trips are mostly out of impulse but suddenly we had a purpose. It was a serendipititious moment.

Considering he mentioned that MO2 is just in front of his hotel we figured he might be staying at Westown. So we pretended to dine in a fancy resto in the hotels ground floor. It’s a perfect lookout; it has glass walls and located beside the entrance so nobody could go in and out of the hotel without escaping our eyes. We waited and ate there for almost an hour but no familiar shadow showed up.  We got bored of fiddling the Carbonara with our forks and my friend had already successfully tied a cherries stem in a knot with her tongue. He might’ve left for somewhere or we might’ve got the wrong hotel.

Off we went to Coffee Break, one of the suggestions therefore one of the probable target locations. We ordered two cups of hot coffee and again sat near the coffee shops entrance. We we’re staring at the cups of coffee until they went cold for two hours but still no sign that our subject is there. Excitement was in the brink of becoming a disappointment. Also drowse had slowly taken us over; coffee has this unusual reverse effect on us. The odds of finding him in this chaotic party town were low but we know exactly where we can surely see him.

And so we walked and talked a good one kilometer from Smallville to SM City.  Pupil will be performing at the car park and he takes care of the audio. Of course we are a little bit smart so we stood by the sound control booth.  We arrived just in time for Bloom Brothers to take the stage.  Well after the lame beer drinking and pizza eating contests that is.  I honestly have no idea about them; I’m only familiar with Brothers Bloom.  The instant they came up the stage wearing pink polos, red ties and gray slacks I already knew that they’re going to sing The Beatles, which they did and they did good.  We twisted and shouted under the rain and without time going back suddenly it was the 70’s again.

When Bloom Brothers was about to wrap their set up, I saw a familiar guy walking hurriedly in the middle of the crowd.  I grabbed my friends arm and exclaimed “it’s him!!”.  Then we came up to him but he walked too fast, ignoring the crowd.  Apparently, he just checked the audio from the audience point.  We couldn’t even call up his name, that was our only reaction, a panicked silence.  It was as if we’re not sure it was him but we can’t confirm because our tongues are tied in thrill.  Before Pupil play they must triple check if the audio was perfect, he passed by us twice and we had regrettably the same reaction.  He stood at the sound control booth for a good while but we couldn’t approach him instead we just kept on stealing awkward glances which half of the time he caught us.  Every time we stared at him the crowd perplexedly stared at him too which caused him to eventually notice us.  The next time he passed by us he stared and smiled and we grinned in excitement.  My friend instantly remembered to say something, “Sir Pat?!” as if she’s confirming if it was him.  Remember to choose to be good friends with people who have presence of mind. And he replied, “hello, hello, hello” and we suddenly forgot Ely Buendia was about to sing on stage.

As usual, Pupil is phenomenal.  They embody Pinoy alt rock in its truest form, no hardcore slamming just rhythmic clapping in the air.  The crowd is a mix of old Eraserheads fans, Archipelago fans, TOI fans and just plain music fan who likes everything (yes, me).  They played their more popular songs in between some of the greatest Eraserheads favorite. Ely Buendia is strangely lankier than he seemed on TV.  I wanted to kneel before him because he is a music god. Dok Sergio surprised me with his rendition of one of their new songs.  Hearing them live is the same as hearing them in ipods and music players.

Sir Pat Tirano if you are wondering why two girls are trying to get photos of you last night, this blog is the reason. We want a photographic proof that this happened. Not only have I stalked you on Facebook and Twitter but in real life too.

Ahh the joy of looking for someone and finding them.

*I tried to photoshop the pictures but yeah to no avail.  Next time we’ll go stalking prepared.