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Daily Music Dose: Butch Walker

If you’ve just been heart broken, you definitely need a Butch Walker fix. Before I bore you with trying to explain how his sound makes listeners feel, watch this video (Dubbed as the best break up song by fans):

Alright, I’ll give you a minute to wipe your tears. You can either get off this page or continue reading.

For the most, I would describe Butch Walkers music as the summation of the albums he has produced. He’s a musician that can make you cry with one song and make you smile with another. With the sound of pop rock and lyrics of punk, you’ll find yourself singing along and feeling his sentiment. His songs are the kind you listen to on a lazy Saturday when you’re feeling like you’re seventeen again.

If you’re intrigued, reminded or plainly bored. Here’s a list of SOME my fave Butch Walker songs:

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