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Dude These Beatles Covers Rock!

Ask ten people what is the greatest band in the world, 100 percent will answer The Beatles and I bet my loser ass on that.  Mainly because of the influence on other succeeding bands, they made rock ‘relatable’ opening it to a wider audience.  So as a tribute here are the awesomest of all awesomes.  The greatest Beatles covers ever.

Across The Universe-  Fiona Apple

You probably heard it from Pleasantville soundtrack.  Fiona Apples vocals could take you to a dreamy world, well the song itself is already psychedelic but her vocals amplified the songs trippy impact.

Across The Universe- Rufus Wainwright

You probably heard this from the I Am Sam soundtrack.  What separates this version from other versions is Rufus Wainwright made it more mellow and sadder.  The song was written by John Lennon when his wife was blabbing at him and it ended up as the most metered lyrics ever written, I mean from that the song was given another feel on this version.  It becomes more meaningful just listening to it.  This song sends chills.

She Loves you- McFly

What I particularly like about this song is it makes you sing along to it and then you’ll end up singing “She loves you, yeah, yeah” in the showers.   Bottom line this version is contagious.

Help!- Deep Purple

From a great band to another great band, see this is exactly the greatness that Im talking about and you probably know it already.  Deep Purple made the song shall I say dramatic.

It Wont Be Long- Franz Ferdinand

Well as the main object of covers, Franz Ferdinand put their synthesized sound on this catchy song without murdering it.

Come Together- Aerosmith

Hellsyeah.  When you saw the title you thought about this song being in this list right?  one of the best covers for any song of all time.  Steven Tylers suspenseful vocals ride along swiftly with the songs beat.

Come Together- Soundgarden

Here’s a grungy way of putting it.  This heavy and angsty interpretation is more 90’s I say.  Chris Cornell’s growl are just enough for the songs message.

All My Loving-  Helloween

For all you metal suckers out there.  Its pretty sweet song for a metal but the band didnt ruin the song at all.  Justice was given and the song is worth more than a listen.

Across The Universe-  The Smiths
Here’s a closer to the Beatles version. I didnt know that this cover actually exist but here it is.  It sounded more Beatles-ish only a cleaner one.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds- Grateful Dead

Still the same trippy feel when you listen to this song.  It still makes you high.  I’m not really a Grateful Dead listener but yeah this song had been on repeat on my playlist.

Here Comes The Sun- Belle and Sebastian

One of the most catchy songs from the Beatles.  George Harrisons masterpiece is even made more irresistible, it will make you sway your shoulders while listening to it.

Yesterday- Never Shout Never

For all you pop punk kids out there who loves The Beatles.  I have to say its a decent cover from the later bands.  Though the vocalist dragged the lyrics, uber slow, I’m kinda looking for that past paced, quite snappy Yesterday.  But yeah since somehow its a sad song so its a good interpretation.

I’m A Loser- Sum41

Since the title really belongs to punk here’s a punk band covering it.  Its just like every Sum41 song, yeah even the message, so if you love Sum41 you might want to listen to this.

Whew.  There are other great covers out there, if you know one kindly let me know.  And by the way don’t trust my musical preference.  And don’t take drugs.

peace and love