Breaking Shadows Fall News!!

If you dont know Shadows Fall, well you better look them up.  They’re one of the bands that I would recommend.  Because I am pretentious metal fan who only listens to tolerable metal music at times.  But anyway they are one of the GOOD metal bands of the later generation.

Also their vocalist Brian Fair tweets (I use that term a lot) some really witty posts.  So better follow him.

So much for the rambling, the news here is really a news  if you are a metal fan in the Philippines.   If you are none of the aforementioned, you can still read on.  This news is not like the ‘news’.

Brian Fair, Madness in Manila, 2009. Photo not mine.

The band posted their schedule of shows in Australia.   And I (the bored person that I am) replied asking when are they coming back in the Philippines.  I have been replying to his posts ever since, hoping I could get him to reply back.  And for almost two years, he did.

And not only that see this:

Ignore the other things I'm doing like that lousy title article I'm trying to write.

I have a Phd in stalking and I could tell it’s not his habit.  So Brian Fair, aside from you having the best metal dreads of all time, you are already on my list of the most awesome musicians on the planet.

Oh well, what can I say, metal music?  It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Also you can follow me on Twitter so I can stalk you back and share a conversation about things sensible and non-sensible.

Oh yes, the news?  Here:

Brian Fair loves performing in the Philippines and might go back for a show this year.

Yes, bad headline.

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