This Gathering: Franco Live in Iloilo City

Well this is sort of overdue. I was not supposed to squeeze my mind of reactions toward that show but this is sort of request.  So Nikko, whether you attended or not, this one’s for you.

You might know Franco as a rock band that plays heavy alternative rock songs with irie roots glorifying the Jah given herb. They are also known as a gathering of the five of the best band musicians, some sort of opm rock dream team. And girls love their long-haired cute guitarist.

The show opened with a handful of local bands from Iloilo Lokal which were relatively enjoyable. You put up a show with a variety of musical styles under the alternative genre, you will surely have something for everyone. Some of this guys I see often, The Liberty Jam got some energy that almost made the makeshift stage collapse, Godchild got the crowd singing along, Breach of Fate got the crowd hyped up, and some other bands which were also remarkably talented.

When Franco took the stage they owned it. A few highlights were: Ocho setting up the mic, Franco talking to the crowd in twanged Cebuano thinking we understood him, the crowd clapping their hands in the air to the bridge of Song for the Suspects and the whole five minutes of This Gathering. It was an intimate show and people were on a sort of collective musical high and I am smacked in the middle of them. There was smoke and sweat exchange which were just plain crazy and fun at the same time. Guys were screaming guy’s names. I tried to sing, more like shout, but the speakers beside us muted the sound of my voice. For the whole five hours, I might have smoked a pack of cigarette all secondhandedly. My feet and back ached but fuck it, this is rock n’ roll.



There is actually a back story to this whole “dying to watch Franco” thing.  Rewind to July 28, 2011, they opened for Incubus in Manila and unfortunately we were not able to catch perform because of a serendipitous disaster.  To read the whole plight, click here.  So it was kind of, here’s the chance of making up a prequel to that.  And we get to hear not just five but eight songs.

Franco didn’t play For My Dearly Departed which might dissolve the crowd’s exuberance.  I didn’t get to see Buwi Menesis (Tuts Calinawan of Queso was taking care of the bass for him).  No shirts were thrown or stripped.  I did not have a photo taken with the band.  Still, for a fan, just being there is worth it.  Music will always be worth it.

With all of these aside, this is what you missed.

PS:  Rooftop as venues may only be good for acoustic type of shows, me thinks.

Photos:  Kristian Guanco

One response to “This Gathering: Franco Live in Iloilo City


    I really appreciate you taking the time in writing about this momentous gig? Whether for me or not. It got you writing again. From your last entry “Aug 24th” it has been a long drought and with this recent post, hopefully it will open a monsoon of entries. Now I’m seeing what I’ve missed, still , reading about it here somewhat makes me a part of it…. And look! that’s my name right there, immortalized in this blog. Yeah!
    – Dyslexic Whale

    ”I might have smoked a pack of cigarette all secondhandedly. My feet and back ached but fuck it, this is rock n’ roll.”

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