Daily Music Dose: Breach of Fate

Previously (Daily Music Dose: TOI).

This blog series fail at being “daily” but you must know every day there is a musician/band which I want to shout to the world about. “Why cant the whole fuckin world listen to this and not to Justin Bieber!”

Anyway, today I’ll be ranting about a local band called Breach of Fate.

Remember the dawn of alternative and the dusk of heavy metal? You cant probably pick out the exact date. But if you place names of bands as markers, this band, though unsigned, will be one of the bands that come to my mind. They might not be the band you hear everywhere but they exists and they transcends those two genres damn well.

Heavily influenced by Pantera, Metallica and Pearl Jam, they take the music and put it in a more ear friendly sound. Will a metal band sing Switchfoot? Damn right. A metal fan wont even want to hear their fave band playing a song from a Christian band. That is where Breach of Fate turns the table. I’m a die-hard alternative enthusiast and occasional metal listener that never plays Switchfoot but caught myself singing “Meant to Live” after I heard them play it. Now I wished I didn’t delete Switchfoot’s discography.

I’ll try to describe the elements of the band, vocals is tolerably metal which is obviously versatile, guitars that blends and compliment each others and drums that dictates the sound naturally. Okay, I’ll let you describe their sound. Listen.

If you want to know more about them.

PS:  Forgive the generalization.  It’s not really meant.  Metal went into the dark at some point, and dawned again.  It’s a cycle.  Also, I know about Christian metal bands so.. :)

4 responses to “Daily Music Dose: Breach of Fate

  1. Nice article! Thanks! That’s one of the major points that we’re trying to show to everybody, it is possible for a single band to cover a Pantera, Switchfoot, and a Story of the Year song in one gig.. See you this Saturday, same place.. I wasn’t there last Saturday but I’ll be playing this time..

    -RJ of BOF..

  2. When genres become stereotypes (hate it!).. Anyway, is this band local? Sorry :P Never been to any gigs lately.

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