A Girls Guide For Girls in Meeting Their Boyfriend’s Girl Friends

This spawned from a disastrous meet up with a friends snob girlfriend.

1. GET YOUR FACE OFF YOU BOYFRIEND FOR EVEN A SPLIT SECOND. Yeah we know she is royally smitten by him(and we also knowwho he is smitten with) she doesnt have to make it that much obvious by turning her back on us and for the whole freaking time just face her boyfriend. I swear if I bump her on the streets face to face I wouldnt even recognize her. To begin with she was brought to that place so we could get to know her and then she’ll act like she doesnt even want to be around us. If youre the girlfriend wouldnt you want to know more about your boyfriend by knowing his friends who know him all the way to his bone marrow?

2. REFUSING TO AN OFFER IS AN INSULT. She was sort of invited by her boyfriend and not actually us. When they arrive we already ordered a plate of the place’s trademark pizza normally when you are offered anything by someone with good intention, you say the appropriate civilized response but she just answered by shaking her head in refusal. So we ordered soda for her still she didnt gave us a decent no for an answer. Refusing may be alright as long as it is done in a polite manner. Or she couldve told us what she wanted to eat or drink, the problem is she never talked. Talk about rude attitude.

3. LAUGH AT JOKES. His boyfriend seriously has some sense of humor and when we starts rolling the ball its just plain riot. We tried laughing around about the things we usually make fun of from Sebastian Bach to google translations to cracked.com. It kinda felt stupid when you exhausted all your wits and still people dont react to it. We were like, are we not witty enough for you? I mean we dont really force her to smile or laugh just at least react, we all like people to relate to us.

4. (FORCED)SMILE IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE AN ANSWER TO A QUESTION. I hate it when people answer you a question with a fake smile. If youre not in the mood just be frank and answer a smartass remark that would really impress me. She’s not even pleasing us in the first place so I dont see a reason for her to try to be nice at all.

5. IF YOU FEEL INTIMIDATED JUST LEAVE. People with low social abilities tend to be uncomfortable around strangers, that we understand but if you dont feel like pretending to enjoy listening to your boyfriend having a bang out of the conversation with his girl friends you can at least be smart enough to make up excuses like you have to go home because you remember you left the fridge open. We are all good with alibis, we gorgeous humans. I see no point of enduring three hours and causing more damage to yourself and to your boyfriend. Surely after you leave one of his friends will text him, ‘I dont like her.’

Social rules and being yourself do not often come together, different personalities oftentimes causes conflicts so the above ‘guides’ might not work for others except when their boyfriend is my friend.

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3 responses to “A Girls Guide For Girls in Meeting Their Boyfriend’s Girl Friends

  1. Imma make my own how to version. I’ll post “Every Girl’s Guide to Meeting Mr. Perfect’s Girlfriend” wahahahaha.

  2. Parts, are you refering to the Afriques Incident?haha..so true!didnt actually crossed my mind that youll make a blog out of it…
    (now you know nga may naga basa gdman sang blog mo)haha

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